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Divorce Attorney in Boise

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40 Years of Experience Helping People in Idaho Navigate Family Law Matters.

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Divorce is Hard Enough.
We’re Here to Help Make this as Painless a Process as Possible for You.

Who you choose to represent you in your family law case is an important decision that should be made with care. Divorce cases often present more challenges than other legal issues because they can affect your relationship with your family.

Having an experienced divorce attorney by your side throughout the process can help to make your life easier.

We are committed to educating you about all of the options available to you, and helping you get the resolution you want out of your divorce.

Brian was the best lawyer I could have found, and am so thankful for his hard work and dedication in my case. He got me my divorce and full custody of my kids!

Cori B.Google Review

We Can Help with Any Family Law Matter

Put Brian’s 40 Years of Legal Experience on Your Side

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Why Choose Donesley Law Office?


We are well versed and focused on family law matters particularly the issue of divorce in Idaho.


Brian graduated from the University of Idaho, College of Law and has been practicing law here in Idaho since 1980.


When you call Donesley Law Office you will speak to Brian directly – not through a paralegal or secretary.

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5 Star Reviews on Google

Better late then never. It was a few years ago but Brian represented me for custody issues and he did a great job. He was calm and thoughtful but could be a hard ace when needed. I do refer him if anyone asks.
Brian was the best lawyer I could have found, and am so thankful for his hard work and dedication in my case. He got me my divorce and full custody of my kids! One thing that I loved about Brian is his soft and calming voice, whenever I felt stressed or overwhelmed he would talk to me in a very calming way and we would make a plan of action, taking one step at a time really helped me not to worry about everything at once. He does not like bullies, he says it all the time and helped make me feel protected, and gave me a lot of guidance on what to do if I felt threatened by me ex. He also is very honest and it was a big relief to have him fighting for me and my kids.
Brian is a wonderful attorney! My ex-husband was continuously committing/charged with crimes against me throughout our divorce and child custody case. Filing motion after motion to drive up my attorney fees. Brian protected me from him, and he was my champion!My now ex-husband has posted a one star review against Brian, alluding to the fact that Brian was his attorney. When in fact Brian was my attorney, and did such an amazing job, that now my ex husband has decided to trash him on Google (he deleted the message after I posted this one).Brian was overly generous and helpful through the divorce process. He helped me get out of a very abusive and scary situation. He is extremely direct, no BS. That can come off as harsh to some people, but when you need somebody to protect you against bullies, you need Brian Doneseley.
Brian is a highly ethical and intelligent attorney. He is truly someone that puts his client's interests first and foremost. His calm demeanor, intimate knowledge of Idaho's laws, and his practical application of those laws to serve his clients make him an asset to anyone lucky enough to choose him as their legal counsel.
I had the opportunity to work with Brian throughout my divorce. Brian was thorough and honest. I would do business with him again if the need ever arose.
Brian provided excellent representation for me. He was immediately my trusted adviser and strongest advocate.I had a tough situation, and he was very adept at overcoming obstacles as they arrived, and staying the calm, cool, collected element when I couldn't be. He was extremely prepared when it came time for trial. His expertise tipped the scales in my favor and I am really grateful for his help.I would recommend Brian to anyone that needs representation from a tough experienced lawyer.

Here to Guide, Here to Help.

We are here to guide you to the best solution possible and always put your interests first.

Divorce is the formal process of ending a legal marriage. The process begins when one spouse (the petitioner) files a request to dissolve the marriage with a local court. This request must also be formally served to the other spouse (the respondent).

Once the paperwork has been filed, the spouses must get to work on hammering out the details of the divorce. This will include figuring out how property should be divided, who will get custody of the kids, and whether one spouse will receive financial support.

Once a dispute goes to court, spouses lose the right to have control over the situation. Judges will review the disputes and make a decision that they deem to be most appropriate. You want to avoid these situations whenever possible. Keeping decisions in your hands will help you get what you want out of your divorce. Going to court can be risky and can really increase the cost of your divorce.

Our attorneys can help you navigate these difficult negotiations with your spouse. It’s important to get as many details of your divorce figured out privately, as possible.

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